The Public Relations Formulas I Created to Calculate Reach

Throughout my entire career, assigning metrics to public relations has been difficult, finicky, and tough to explain. 

With some of my colleagues in marketing, it’s always been relatively straightforward. They were tracking website traffic, blog comments, social media reach, or other numbers that are readily available.

But for PR? I’ve tracked everything from how many mentions I receive in a month, to how many reporters I reach out to, to what the rate of response is to my pitches, and finally how many people my press mentions reach. 

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The 5 Types of Career Lists I Keep

I am the kind of person that really thrives on lists. (This probably isn’t surprising if you know me at all.) 

I make lists of tasks every day in Todoist, I keep a list of my goals, and the final type of list I make I can only really classify as “career lists.” They are lists I’ve been keeping for a few years now that are related to my career in one way or another.

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