The Future of Work is Flexible

This post was originally published on BuiltIn. The COVID-19 pandemic will almost certainly change the future of work in unpredictable ways. Smart companies will seize this opportunity to offer their employees greater flexibility. Prior to this year, many companies had firm rules against working remotely. Work happened only in the office, and remote work wasn’t …

4 Lessons from 4 Years at Buffer

I recently celebrated my fourth ‘Bufferversary’ and couldn’t be happier to have spent the last four years with such a unique and inspiring team and company. This is the longest I’ve worked at one company and I’m very grateful to feel just as excited about Buffer as I was when I first started.

The Buffer values and culture are one of the top reasons I wanted to work at Buffer and over the years, they’ve continued to teach me lessons and help me grow as an individual. Here are just a few of the things I’ve learned from working at Buffer:

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What My To-Do List Looks Like

It’s not a secret, especially if you listen to the MakeWorkWork podcast, that I am an avid to-do list maker.

I use one task list app (Todoist) to run almost everything in my life. I recently reflected on how I keep my tasks organized and realized that there are several specific things I do to stay organized that I can pass along to anyone, regardless of the to-do list platform that they use. (Sad to report that these might be slightly less relevant if you are using pen and paper, though.) Here they are: 

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6 Simple Things That Have Had a Huge Impact On My Career

I’ve been quite career-focused ever since I was in University. I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be a student forever and that the end goal of all of this studying was to get a job when I graduated and start building a career. Once I did start getting jobs and building my career, I was sure to advocate for myself, find ways to advance, learn, and grow.

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