I’m currently ✨ on sabbatical ✨ until the end of August. I’m taking this wonderful opportunity primarily to rest, read, and see family.

In episode 39 of MakeWorkWork, Habbi and I reflect on a new era of our work lives that involves managing freelancers and team members, deciding on tools, and the struggles and benefits of connecting across the internet and in person. Give it a listen here.🎙

I wrote for Buffer about an idea I helped implement called ‘Work Blueprints.’ They are one-page sources of information about work preferences. We think of it as a shortcut for teammates to collaborate more efficiently by getting to know each other better. The blueprint is intended to shorten the learning curve for understanding how to work with someone else on your team, be it a peer, direct report, or manager. Read more about work blueprints. ✏️

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Updated: July 2022

Inspired by Derek Sivers.