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🐣 A note: I’m on parental leave from March to June 2024 and my writing and newsletter are currently paused.

📝 Things I’ve created recently:

✍🏻 I most recently wrote about how I’m preparing to make returning from parental leave easier for myself.

🌳 I had the chance to work with a team at Buffer to create a new transparency dashboard recently and I’m super proud of our work! Check out Buffer’s new Open Hub.

⌚️A big interest of mine over the last few years has been strategies for workload planning. I finally wrote about what’s been working for me and advice I’ve received from others.

🎙️ On the latest episode of MakeWorkWork, Habbi and I review 2023 and share how we use annual planning for intentional time management. A big topic is our daily Notion journal — you can grab a free template at the link.

📚 I’m currently reading:

✨ Self-improvement: Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, by Oliver Burkeman

This page was inspire by Derek Sivers.

Updated: March 2024