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At the end of August, I came back to work after a wonderful 7-week sabbatical. While on sabbatical, I had all of my work emails auto-delete. I wrote about the idea on LinkedIn and the feedback has been that people find it surprisingly bold. Read the post and chime in here. 📭

On sabbatical, I got back to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after a 3-year break. It is really good to be back, although I still feel very rusty.

Twitter Spaces is a tool I’ve really enjoyed participating in. My podcast co-host, Habbi, and I recently recorded a spontaneous Twitter Spaces (our first!) listen here. 🎙

I started working on a new side project that I’m calling BJJ Notes, I’m designing custom notebooks for people who trail Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Get in touch here if you have questions or are interested in being involved in the first run of notebooks. 😊

You can follow along with more of my daily life on Instagram Stories over at @hailleymari. 🐶

Updated: September 2022

Inspired by Derek Sivers.