What My To-Do List Looks Like

It’s not a secret, especially if you listen to the MakeWorkWork podcast, that I am an avid to-do list maker.

I use one task list app (Todoist) to run almost everything in my life. I recently reflected on how I keep my tasks organized and realized that there are several specific things I do to stay organized that I can pass along to anyone, regardless of the to-do list platform that they use. (Sad to report that these might be slightly less relevant if you are using pen and paper, though.) Here they are: 

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My Step-by-Step Process for Editing a LinkedIn Profile

I had a LinkedIn profile before I had a job. That has nothing to do with tremendous foresight on my behalf and everything to do with a very supportive father who helped me set one up when I was on my way to University.

Now, 9 years later, I not only have a LinkedIn profile, but I’ve received job offers because of it. I’ve made valuable industry connections. I’ve kept in touch with professional contacts whose emails I didn’t have, and many many other things.

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