I deleted all of my work emails when I took 7 weeks off, here’s why

Over the last two years, I have spent two long periods of time away from work. The first was my 16 weeks of maternity leave in 2021, and the second was my recent 7-week sabbatical from work. During both of these extended leaves, I did the same thing — I set my emails to auto-delete …

What My To-Do List Looks Like

It’s not a secret, especially if you listen to the MakeWorkWork podcast, that I am an avid to-do list maker.

I use one task list app (Todoist) to run almost everything in my life. I recently reflected on how I keep my tasks organized and realized that there are several specific things I do to stay organized that I can pass along to anyone, regardless of the to-do list platform that they use. (Sad to report that these might be slightly less relevant if you are using pen and paper, though.) Here they are: 

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The Email System I’m Using to Get to Inbox Zero More Often And Check Email Less

Through a group of public relations professionals I recently joined, I was encouraged to turn off email notifications on my phone. Now, that seemed like a wild idea for me, because what if I got an email from a journalist that I needed to respond to immediately? Michael Smart, who leads the group, encouraged everyone …