6 Simple Things That Have Had a Huge Impact On My Career

I’ve been quite career-focused ever since I was in University. I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be a student forever and that the end goal of all of this studying was to get a job when I graduated and start building a career. Once I did start getting jobs and building my career, I was sure to advocate for myself, find ways to advance, learn, and grow.

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My Strategy For Cold Outreach

Throughout my career, I’ve found myself particularly keen to learn from others in a similar role to me. I’m the only public relations (PR) person where I work and I am in-house, whereas a lot of PR people I know work for agencies. It’s sometimes strange being the only person doing a job in a …

My Step-by-Step Process for Editing a LinkedIn Profile

I had a LinkedIn profile before I had a job. That has nothing to do with tremendous foresight on my behalf and everything to do with a very supportive father who helped me set one up when I was on my way to University.

Now, 9 years later, I not only have a LinkedIn profile, but I’ve received job offers because of it. I’ve made valuable industry connections. I’ve kept in touch with professional contacts whose emails I didn’t have, and many many other things.

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The 5 Types of Career Lists I Keep

I am the kind of person that really thrives on lists. (This probably isn’t surprising if you know me at all.) 

I make lists of tasks every day in Todoist, I keep a list of my goals, and the final type of list I make I can only really classify as “career lists.” They are lists I’ve been keeping for a few years now that are related to my career in one way or another.

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