How to Better Handle Crisis Communications

This post was originally published on BuiltIn. Nobody likes a crisis, but with a clear plan, you can emerge from tough times stronger. Here’s a guide to getting started. Never before have I said the phrase “crisis communications” as many times as I did in 2020. Before that year, I had taken crisis communications courses in …

Should You Be Pitching Podcasts?

This post was originally published on Built In. Podcasts have become a fixture of daily life, and you may be able to promote your company as a guest on one. Here’s a guide to tapping into this marketing channel. Everyone has a podcast. That’s how it feels, anyway, especially during a year when many people …

My Strategy For Cold Outreach

Throughout my career, I’ve found myself particularly keen to learn from others in a similar role to me. I’m the only public relations (PR) person where I work and I am in-house, whereas a lot of PR people I know work for agencies. It’s sometimes strange being the only person doing a job in a …

How I Leverage Twitter Lists for Public Relations

Early in my public relations career, I made the decision to start a private Twitter list of reporters that I was interested in because they covered topics relevant to my work.

This small decision took only a few minutes and has been a really helpful habit that I’ve kept up because it’s continually helping me build stronger relationships with reporters.

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