How My Home Office is Set Up

I recently read this incredible post about how Andy Tryba’s office is set up and was immediately jealous. Honestly, his office looks amazing and the amount of thought that went into how he arranged everything was inspiring. 

I’ve worked 100% remote for four years now and my office has been in many different locations. There was even a time when I was nomading and I would argue that my office would have been my laptop.

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The 6 Rules I Live by For Working From Home

I’ve worked 100% remotely for more than four years now. While I’ve worked from a variety of locations and I’ve moved several times, I’ve primarily spent my time working from a home office.

One of my first home offices was a small Toronto apartment where the location of my desk was a terrarium at the edge of the apartment and if I looked to the right I could see my bed while I was working.

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