The 5 Apps That Keep Me Going


Confession time: I’m a serious smart phone addict. You can ask anyone, I’m that person sitting at the table with my phone on the table right next to me. Or, if I think that’s impolite, I’ll sneak off to the bathroom at least twice to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Before you classify me as insane (which may, or may not be accurate), hear me out: The way I see it, smart phones are there so that you don’t have to carry as many things around with you. In some cases, a notebook, or list etc etc. Here are the ones I’ve found the most useful:  Continue readingThe 5 Apps That Keep Me Going

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome! My name is Hailley Griffis, and this is my first ever blog & blog post. 

A little bit more about the blog and myself – I’m from small-town Ontario, Canada and have done a bit of traveling up until now. I lived in Hamburg, Germany for 4 months while I was in high-school. The next year, I spent a summer in a small ‘town’ in NorwayAt the moment, I’m a third year Political Science and Communication student at the University of Ottawa. 

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